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Everything that is done in the world is done by hope.



Thank you for dropping by our page! This page is to help promote a cause near and dear to us all: Breast Cancer and Breast Cancer Awareness. Most important Women and Men helping those in Need. This event started by one friend needing help, and a friend who wanted to help. As this event became a reality the feeling of helping others was so wonderful that we decided to keep it going and after meeting other women and seeing what they are going through with the treatments and medication is an experiance that will leave a lasting effect on anyone seeing the many hardships the women our orginazation helps. Just because someone is a Cancer patient does not mean the every day bills like the water, electric, and gas stop. Most individuals battling Cancer, battle with the out-of-pocket medical expenses and coming up with the mortgage. With that being said, we have fun and ride our motorcycles and help someone in need so at the end of the day we know that we have made the world better for someone going through a bad experience in their life... Come have some fun with us and do what we love at the same time.

2012 Video of our Ride

Pink Ball

Friday, March 27, 2015 
Four States Fair Gounds Fine Arts Building, there will be Live music, Food and Live Auction by Tracy Trivillion and most Important remember to wear your PINK!!! 

The dress is what ever you want to wear.. If you want to Dress up in your finest Pink Please do... If you want to wear you Blue Jeans and Pink Shirt that is good as well..

NO Matter how you dress just Have Fun.... IN YOUR PINK...
We are all here for the same Reason...

2013 Video Answers all your questions about Who and What we are about and What we Are Doing!!


March 27, 2015: Pink Ball - Starts at 6:00 pm - Until

 LOTS OF FUN!! Best Event Texarkana has ever seen.. Pink Ball is going to be Held at the Four States Fair Gounds at the Fine Arts building there will be Great Food, Live Music and Tracy Travillion doing the Auction... Tickets are limited, so get yours while they last...  we are accepting Credit Cards (small Fee applies) ..Call Diana Howard for more Information (903) 319-9157

March 28, 2015: Pink Ride - Kickstands up at 10:00 am

This is a motorcycle car ride to raise money for Women in our Community to help with medical expenses.  The Ride will start at the Four States Fair Gounds  in Texarkana and leave there at 10:00 a.m. ride to Dwights' Bikers Dream in New Boston Texas where he will provide us with refreshments and then return to the Four States Fair Gounds where there will be Vendors, Live Music, Food, adult Refreshments, Bike Games, Bike Show MUSTANG SALLY WILL TAKE THE STAGE AT 7:PM with lots of other things to do Hope to See you all there...

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